Best Loan Belgium: Payday Loan, car loan, works credit

The proposed credits

The proposed credits

At Best loan Belgium, credit offers are classified into three categories, allowing you to quickly find the loan that suits you best. You therefore have the choice between the formulas of Payday loans, mobility credits, work loans and credit cards. Clarification at

Payday loan

Among the installment loans available at Best loan, you have among others the wedding loan to make this family event a success. The student loan and the home improvement loan are also part of the Payday loans offered, helping you to achieve your goals more easily or improving the comfort of living in your homes. With regard to the grouping of credits, this approach consists in gathering all your outstanding loans in a single and unique formula, thus allowing you to have a monthly payment, the amount of which will have been revised downwards so that you can regain your purchasing power and avoid over-indebtedness.

Whatever the nature of the project for which you require financing, Best loan Belgium offers you up to $ 75,000, and this, without you having to justify yourselves on the reasons which lead you to request this credit. From the online simulation, you have the choice between two procedures, either you start the calculations by amount to borrow or by monthly repayment supported by your budget. The total amount to be reimbursed is given to you, as well as the APR (annual effective annual rate). For you to project yourself, representative examples are provided to you, knowing that the annual borrowing rate, the monthly payment and the repayment period are fixed. If all the conditions are right for you, the next step is to apply for a Payday loan online.

Best loan’s mobility loan

You will understand, the Best loan mobility loan is the credit you need for the acquisition of a vehicle. This can be a new car (up to $ 75,000), a used vehicle, a motorcycle, a mobile home, an electric bike, a scooter or a hoverboard, as long as it is the car. of your dreams or the means of transport you need to go to work, travel or play adventurers. Anyway, the funds provided vary from $ 500 to $ 75,000, and you can have up to 110% of the purchase price to easily cover additional costs such as subscription to Best loan Protection insurance, works repair for used cars, comfort and safety equipment for two wheels, etc. To get an idea of ​​the amount that will be granted to you and the costs that it will generate, start by doing a free remote simulation on Best It is a simplified approach that does not commit you to anything. The next step is to apply online and receive a policy response. This contract will then be printed and completed before being returned by post. In the meantime, go to the Best loan website to access the “follow my request” tool to download the necessary supporting documents.

Works credits

To finance your work in progress or your renovation projects, Best loan offers two borrowing formulas: the classic renovation credit and the ecological renovation loan. With the classic works credit offer, you borrow between $ 2,500 to $ 75,000, the APR of which is clearly indicated, as well as the fixed annual borrowing rate and the total cost of the loan. This money can be used to do all the DIY work or modifications requiring the intervention of professionals, and this with simplified conditions. As for the ecological renovation loan, you benefit from a more advantageous interest rate, while you can use it to improve the insulation of the house, invest in solar panels or have a heat pump installed. Because this is an important project, Best loan experts will not hesitate to advise you on the procedures to follow, the specifics of such interventions in Belgium and the advantages of Best loan Protection insurance.

The Best loan credit card payment card

The Best loan credit card payment card is linked to a cash reserve in the amount of $ 1,250 to $ 3,000 which will allow you to make purchases in store or online, whether in Belgium or Europe. The repayment of the line of credit is done gradually, while the money reserve will be replenished as you pay the monthly payments. To keep an eye on your transactions and movements on your card, you access MyBest loan, your personal web space, remote and operational at all times, which requires the file number. Note that access to the credit card is always done online by filling out the credit request form.

How to request a loan from Best loan Belgium?

How to request a loan from Best loan Belgium?

Credit requests on Best loan are made remotely via the bank’s website. So, start by doing a free simulation online, by choosing the project to finance (renovation work, purchase of a vehicle, wedding, etc.), then launch the calculations by indicating the amount you want to borrow, or by directing searches according to the monthly payment supported by your budget. If all the conditions of the loan suit you, go to the next step by clicking on “request this credit”. This action sends you directly to the page of the credit application form where you will note your contact details (title, last name, first name, e-mail, telephone), then check the small boxes to accept the general conditions of Best loan. The rest of the process requires your identity card, as you will be asked for all the personal data contained therein. And if you need to take a break, just save everything and get a link with the email address previously provided.

To continue, click on the link and enter the data on your professional and financial situation, specifying your charges and your current credits, so that the bank can verify that you are well able to commit and that your ability to debt allows you.

A summary of your credit information is then provided to you, take the time to read the table carefully to make changes while there is still time. If everything suits you, click on “I validate” to send the request which will be analyzed by Best loan experts. The answer in principle will be sent to you as soon as possible. Note that a file number will be indicated to you upon confirmation of receipt of credit request. Keep this sequence of figures carefully, because it will be useful when you are going to follow up on your request on the Best loan web portal.

As soon as your credit application is accepted, a contract will be sent to you by e-mail or by post. For an installment loan, collect the pages with the mention “document to return”. Then fill in the green boxes, in particular the information on your credit, preceded by “read and approved”, then note your address, the date and sign under your name. The second page to be completed is that essential to prevent defaults, while the third is for the provision of funds / mandate and method of credit repayment via your bank details identical to those noted on the request for credit. Additional explanations on the Best loan credit application and contracts are provided by the videos that you can view via this link. A blog is also available to allow you to follow all the news related to Best loan.

Further information on Best loan

Further information on Best loan

With the “Best loan, more responsible, together” logo, this subsidiary of the finance group finances your projects with credit offers at attractive conditions. You get in touch with an international network of over 500 financial experts who will take the time to study your professional and financial situations before responding to your loan requests. Frequently asked questions are also available to you so that you can find out more about the progress of your file via the Best loan website or via customer service. It is the same for the duration of payment of funds to your account, or the supporting documents necessary to complete the file.

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